Value: Empathy

Time: long- this is a chapter book! Time varies with reading speed and activity choices. This is best done as a book club discussion following completion of Wonder.

Appropriate Ages: 8-13. Subject material most applicable to 4th-7th graders.


  • Book: 

    • Available on Amazon HERE​

    • Blank sheet of paper

    • pencil



  1. After completion of the text, consider posing the following questions for discussion:

    • Why do you think the author chose to tell the story from several different people's point of view?​

      • What did you learn from hearing many different perspectives?​

    • Did the adults treat Auggie different than children treated him? How? Why?

    • On Halloween Jack made a mistake with what he said that was hurtful to Auggie. How could this situation have been better?

    • Why did Julian act the way he did? Was he just plain evil, and he liked to be mean? 

    • In Wonder, Auggie has a personal challenge that is very visible to other people. What were some of the invisible challenges that he or other people in the book had?

    • Empathy means the ability to share and understand the feelings of another. In reading this book, you got to understand the feelings of Auggie, Via, Summer, Jack, Justin, and Miranda. What did you learn from taking the time to understand all of their perspectives?

    • In real life, how could you take the time to understand the perspectives of other people you interact with without the benefit of reading a chapter book they personally wrote about their life? How would having empathy impact your relationships? How would it change how you treated others or thought of them?

Activity Options:

  1. Think of a recent event in your life involving other people that was hard.

    • Fold the paper in half twice (once horizontally or the hamburger way, once vertically or the hot dog way) to separate the paper into four equal sized quadrants.

    • Unfold the paper again so you can see all four sections.

    • At the top of the top left section, write your name. In that square, write how you experienced and were feeling about the recent event.

    • In the following 3 quadrants, write the names of three other people who were involved in the event.  In the subsequent quadrants, explain how they experienced the recent event.

    • Had you considered their perspectives before?

    • How does imagining what it was like for them help you have empathy for them?

    • How does this impact your relationship with them?

  2. Rent the movie "Wonder" and watch it together with popcorn!