Value: Patience

Time: 20 min

Appropriate Ages: 3-6


  • Book: The Very Impatient Caterpillar, by Ross Burach


  1. Read the story, stopping at the following pages in the story to ask these discussion questions:


When is it hard for you to wait?


Why couldn't the caterpillar fly yet?

What does he need to do so he can become a butterfly and fly?

What ideas do you have for how he can wait better?


What are some of the ideas for waiting the caterpillar tried?

Did they work?


Is the caterpillar  patient all the time now?

What is the lesson of this book?



  • What is something that is hard for you to wait for?

  • What happens when you're not doing a very good job waiting and being patient?

  • Can you draw pictures of that, just like there were pictures in the book of the caterpillar not waiting very well? Try to draw at least three different pictures of what happens when you are not patient.

  • What happens when you do a really good job of being patient? On the other side of the paper, try to draw at least three pictures of ways that you can wait that work better/what happens when you wait well.