Value: Listening

Time: 20 min

Appropriate Ages: 9+


  • Book: The Rabbit Listened, by Cori Doerrfeld


  1. Read the story, stopping at the following pages in the story to ask these discussion questions:

This activity integrates literacy with:




Have you ever felt like this in your life- where you have worked long and hard on something you were proud of, and then it really didn't work out?


Why aren't the animals helping Taylor, even though they are trying to?


Why was the rabbit the most helpful to Taylor, even though it seems like the rabbit didn't really do or say anything?


What is the lesson of this book?

​Use the following role-play extension activity:

  • Ask the child to think of a scenario where it felt like everything came tumbling down (from their life, from a friend's life, or an imagined scenario).

  • With you (the adult) acting as the person whose life "fell apart" or who had something hard happen to them, have the child act out being the following types of friends/animals from the story trying to help listen:

    • like the ​chicken (too much talking)

    • like the bear (too much anger)

    • like the hyena (too much joking)

    • like the ostrich (avoiding the problem)

    • like the kangaroo (too quick to give up on the problem)

    • like the snake (too revengeful)

    • like the rabbit (a good listener)


  • What was difficult/easy about being like the different animals?

  • Is there an animal that was easiest for them to be?

  • What about an animal that was hardest for them to be?

  • How can it be good to be like the rabbit?