Value: Accepting Mistakes/Fighting Perfectionism

Time: 20 minutes

Appropriate Ages: 3-10


  • Book: The Most Magnificent Thing, by Ashley Spires



  1. Read story. At the following points in the story, prompt with the following discussion questions:


Have you ever felt like this? When?

What were you working on?


Have you ever felt like this?

2. Ask:

  • What did she do that helped her calm down when she was too angry to keep going?

  • What helped her not give up?

  • Was it worth it for her to try again after she took a break?

  • What is the lesson of this book?

3. Watch this video together:

4. Discuss how good it is for your brain to stretch and do new things it has never done before without giving up.

 Ask your child what they are interested in trying that is brand new and really hard to help stretch and grow their brain. Do they want to try building something like in the story? Or do they want to try learning something like in the video? Tell them it will probably be really hard and they might want to give up, but you know they can do it.

5. Optional: Watch this fun Sesame street video: