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Value: Generosity: Giving


Time: 20 minutes


Appropriate Ages: 3-10



  • Book: The Girl Who Had Almost Everything, by Alycia Pace

  • Blank paper

  • pencils and/or coloring supplies (crayons, colored pencils, markers)




1. Write a list/draw everything they want from the store/for Christmas/for their birthday (whichever is most forthcoming). Spend 2-3 minutes doing this. Then tell each other what you drew/wrote.


2. Read The Girl Who Had Almost Everything. Ask the following questions at the following parts of the book: ​


What do you want?


Will it work?


Did it work?


Have you ever got bored with a toy?


What's the problem?

Why isn't she happy?

How could she be happy?


How do you get a friend?


What is the lesson of this story?

3. Ask about other ideas they have for things they could give instead of getting. Have them turn over their paper where they listed/drew what they wanted to receive, and instead have them list/draw what they want to give. After 2-3 minutes, share your ideas together.

4. Optional: Ask, “Is there a toy you own you could give to someone else? Would it help you make a friend? Would it make you happy to give away one of your toys? Do you want to try it and see?"

5. Optional: Go with the child to pick out something they have they would like to give away.

  • If the child is not ready or willing, do not force it and assure them you will not force them to give any of their toys away, but plant seeds that will prolong their curiosity on the subject by saying, "I wonder if there will be a toy that you will find tomorrow or the next day that you want to give away, and I wonder if it will help you be happy or help you make a friend. I am excited to wait and see."