Value: Optimism

Time: 10 minutes

Appropriate Ages: 2-6


  • Book: Thank You Bear, by Greg E. Foley

  • For optional extension activity: Collect random household items, which may but does not have to include a pencil, hat, shoes, plate



  1. Read story. At the following points in the story, prompt with the following discussion questions:


What do you think is special about the box?

Why will mouse love it?

Do you think there is something good about the box?

Why did everybody else think the box wasn't good?

Why did mouse like it?

more instructions


What's the lesson of this story?

Note: This story's lesson can

go two ways- 1. Be grateful for what you are given, or 2. You can always look on the bright side of things. Both of these can be difficult to infer for a 2-6 year old, so just listen to what they have to say and then

add your thoughts.

2. Optional Extension Activity: Say, "Sometimes when we look at something, we only see the bad parts of it, like Bear's other animals friends did. But it makes us happier when we see the good parts of it. Let's play a game where we look at the good and the bad parts of a thing. I will show you something, and first you tell me the bad parts. Then tell me the good parts you can think of." Reference the table below for ideas and support. Feel free to use your own objects instead.