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Value: Healing through Loss

Time: 20 min

Appropriate Ages: 4-8


  • Book: Something Lost Something Found by Josh Selig

  • Paper and pencil for everyone participating



  1. Read the story. (Read aloud by me available on YouTube).

  2. Return to the following pages to discuss the following questions, as desired:


When was a time you felt "floppy"?


Why might giving to others help us?

Has this ever helped you?

Why or why not?


What do you think the author was trying to teach us about in this story?

Discussion Questions for Further Consideration:

  • What are some things or people you have lost?

  • What are some things you may have tried to help you feel better?

  • Did you do anything that didn't work?

  • Who are some people you like to be with when you don't feel well?

  • Where are some places you enjoy going when you are wanting to feel more peaceful?

Extension Activity Options:

Drawing (Recommended for ages 5-10)

Click on the picture below to follow the link and complete the following drawing activity, made available for free by the Author, Natalia Paruzel-Gibson. Explore what makes you happy when you are not feeling well.

For more activities, visit 


Writing (Recommended for Ages 7+)

Using one of the previous discussion questions as inspiration, write down one page of your thoughts you don't want to forget in a journal.

Music (Recommended for Ages 12+)

With the permission of an adult, create a YouTube playlist of songs that follow the following criteria, in the following order:

  1. A song that reminds you of some of the most important things in your life

  2. A song that reminds you of how it feels to be scared when you are losing something

  3. A song you like that reminds you of the sad feelings you get when you lose something important

  4. A song that reminds you of something that always brings you peace

  5. A song that reminds you of hope

  6. A song that always makes you feel happy