Value: Grit/Persistence

Time: 20 min

Appropriate Ages: 8+


  • Book: She Persisted, by Chelsea Clinton

  • paper and pencil


  1. Read the story, stopping at the following pages in the story to ask these discussion questions:

This activity integrates literacy with:



Why did she do things even though it hurt?

When should we do things even though they hurt?

When should we stop doing things if they hurt?


Have you ever been in a situation where you know something isn't right and you had to stand up for it?

When did that happen? What did you feel?

What did you think? What did you do?


What is the lesson of this book?

Who was your favorite woman/girl to learn about and why?

Prompt the following extension discussion activity:

  1. Think of a time when you persisted in your life (something was hard and you kept going and did it anyway.

    1. How did you feel before you started?​

    2. What were the hardest parts of your challenge?

    3. What did you think as it was starting to get hard?

    4. Did you ever feel like you might give up? Why or why not?

    5. How did you feel after you finished?

    6. Write your success on a piece of paper.

  2. Share your experiences/feelings with someone sitting with you.

  3. What is coming up in your life in the future or soon that might be very hard and you will have to persist through?

    1. What kinds of things will you remember to do to help keep you going? 

    2. Who in this book could be an inspiration for you?

    3. Write your next goal on a piece of paper.

Optional History Extension:

Choose the most interesting female in this book and see what else you can learn about her from other books at the library, the internet, or movies. Did they have any other secrets to persistence?