Value: Self Confidence

Time: 20 min

Appropriate Ages: 8+


  • Book: Ogilvy by Deborah Underwood


  1. Ask, "Have you ever seen other groups of kids or friends and felt unsure if you would fit into their group or if they would be nice to you and accept you?"

  2. Read the story, stopping at the following pages in the story to ask these discussion questions:


What do you think about the rules that only people that wear certain clothes can do certain things? Does it seem like a good idea to you? Why or why not?


Why did Ogilvy change their mind, even though they were wearing the same thing as before? Do you think that's okay- to say the same clothes are something else? Why or why not?


Why would it be dangerous or bad for the rest of the group to have Ogilvy not following the rules?


Do you think the other kids are going to

agree or disagree with Ogilvy?

Do you think they should change their

ways or keep their rules?

Ogilvy calls everyone "absurdly obsessed". Do you agree, that it's absurd to be obsessed with the rules of a group?

Ogilvy seems like the only one who has a problem with the group rules. Is it okay for him to speak up and try to change the rules, or should he just get used to them because he is the only one who is bothered by them?


How did Ogilvy help make life better for the new friend?

Was it worth it to help change things around?

Why was it important for Ogilvy to be themself, even if other people did not initially accept that?



  • Have you ever felt like you didn't belong in a certain group of friends because you didn't match them? 

  • Have you ever seen someone else who didn't seem to fit very well into a certain group of friends because they didn't seem to match the other kids for some reason? 

  • Have you ever been in a situation or seen a situation where other people become angry when people try to be a part of multiple groups of friends, or try to switch back and forth between groups? What do you thihnk about that?

  • Have you ever tried to be a part of a friend group that you didn't match at all (or if not have you ever seen anyone else try that)? How did that feel for you? How was it good? How was it bad?

Challenge the children to accept one of the following challenges:

  • Tomorrow, try to go be a part of a group that you have never tried to join before or that you don't match very well and try to make a new friend. 

  • Tomorrow, try to reach out and accept someone else who doesn't match or fit in very well into "your" group, but that probably feels left out or wants to be accepted.

Remember to check back with them and see how the challenge went for them!