Value: Sharing Your Gifts

Time: 20 min

Appropriate Ages: 3+ 


  • Book: No One is Quite Like You! by Kathleen Gwilliam and illustrated by Justin Dial

Discussion Questions for Further Consideration:

Explore these questions together with your family, class, or book club after reading the book.

  • Where there any gifts in the book that surprised you or that you had not thought of before?​

  • What gifts do you think you might have?

  • Are there any gifts that you don't have quite yet that you want to have that you could develop or work on more?

  • What is a gift you appreciate that your sister/brother/friend/parent has?

Extension Activity Option:

Talent Show!!!

Let's show off all those gifts! Plan an informal talent show together, being sure to prioritize showcasing everyone's individual talents. Everyone could even share a few different talents.


Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Music performance (singing or instrument)

  • Physical performance (dancing, martial arts, tumbling or acrobatics)

  • Physical creation display and explanation by the creator

    • Visual art- drawing, painting, origami

    • Cooking/baking creation 

    • Writing story or poetry read aloud

    • Lego or block build or scape explained

  • Sharing of knowledge- sharing a few facts about a topic they are experts on

    • trains

    • the solar system

    • How-to follow along explanation

  • Language talent

    • speak in another language​

    • recite poetry or lines from a play

If any children are extreme introverts, consider letting them show a talent without having to say anything. Could they just show their artwork, bake a refreshment for the show, or take care of designing a spotlight?

Before the show, be sure to review the importance of listening politely as an audience member to every talent and applauding generously after everyone's performance.

For extra fun, make invitations- physical or virtual- and invite other friends or family to attend the show- in person or virtually. Consider having physical programs, seating, announcers, or refreshments.