Value: Service

Time: 20 min

Appropriate Ages: 3+


  • Book: Mother Teresa (Little People, Big Dreams 18) by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara



  1. Read the story. After finishing, return to the following pages to ask these questions:

acs (1).png

Mother Teresa did not grow up poor.

Why do you think she was so interested in helping the poor?


Why do you think Mother Teresa felt so happy

doing what she did?

Do you think helping the poor always makes you feel like this?

Is there a way that you could use your talents/interests

to serve others?

Extension Activity:  Serve People Experiencing Homelessness in your Community

Do you ever see people experiencing homelessness in your community? How could you respond generously to that challenge? 

Consider the following options, as suggested by Meg Martin in Rachel Nielson's 3 in 30 Podcast episode entitled How to Respond Compassionately to Homelessness with Meg Martin:

  • Introduce yourself to a person experiencing homelessness. Ask their name and remember it. When you pass them again, call them by name and say "hi".

  • Gather and donate any of the following items. Donations can be to specific individuals without homes or to a local homeless shelter. Items can be donated individually or in groups of items arranged as a "kit". 

    • Matches​

    • Ziploc baggies

    • Socks

    • Hand warmers

    • A gift card to a grocery store or company of your choice

    • Food

      • Granola bars​

      • Fruit snack

      • Applesauce cup

      • Hand wipes

      • Tuna and crackers

  • Donate to the Interfaith Shelter Works Project here.