Value: Enduring Family Love

Time: 20 minutes

Appropriate Ages: 3-100 *This is arguably not a children's book, because the message is best understood by adults. But of course, children can follow along and feel loved just as well. 


  • Book: Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch

  • String

  • Printed out family photos of child at different ages

  • close pins



  1. Read story. Usually discussion questions are provided for during the story. But this text is too sacred to interrupt. Instead, just read straight through, and try not to cry. Here's a sneak peak of my two favorite photos:


2. After the story, ask a few of the following discussion questions that intrigue or inspire you, from https://www.teachingchildrenphilosophy.org/BookModule/LoveYouForever:

  • How do your parents show they love you?

  • Why does the mother love the boy and what does the mother get in return?

  • Why is a mother’s love selfless when it comes to their child?

  • Do you think the boy is being selfish by not telling his mother he loves her?

  • Can you be angry with someone and still love them?

  • How do you show your parents you love them?

  • Why did the mother always love him?

  • Do you think the boy loved the mother, but just was too embarrassed to say?

  • Why are we embarrassed to tell someone we love them?

  • Why did the boy not show his love for his mother until he was older?

  • Do you need to have a reason to love someone?

3. Make a hanging photo display, inspired by the mobile on the last page of the book. Follow the instructions by A Pair and A Spare by clicking on the photo below: