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Value: Self Advocacy (ANTI-BULLYING)

Time: 20 minutes

Appropriate Ages: 6-13


  • Book: Just Kidding, by Trudy Ludwig, with illustrations by Adam Gustavson



  1. Read story. At the following points in the story, prompt with the following discussion questions:


How can you tell that D.J. is bothered by  Vince's teasing?

Why do you think he called him a girlie instead of a goalie playing soccer?

Why do you think Vince keeps poking D.J. even though D.J. doesn't like it?

When Vince said "just kidding", did you believe him? Why or why not?


What is the lesson of this story?

2. After reading, ask the following questions:

  • Do you and your friends tease each other?

  • How can you tell if your friends like it when you tease them?

  • How do you let your friends know when teasing is hurtful?

  • When do you think teasing is okay and when is it not?

  • Who can you go to when you have a problem with teasing?

    • Do you remember what the teacher in the story said about tattling? When is it okay to tell an adult?​

  • What would you do if you saw other people teasing your friend in an unkind way?

3. Play this game: Read one of the lines from the poster below without telling the kids whether it is in the "DO" category or the "DON'T" category and have the kids show you with a thumbs up or thumbs down if they think it is something they should do (thumbs up) or shouldn't do (thumbs down) when teasing and playing with friends. If they guess wrong discuss what they are thinking.