Value: Self Love/Acceptance

Time: 20 min

Appropriate Ages: 4-10


  • Book: I Like Me and I Love Me, by Abby Zaitley

  • Paper for each person

  • Writing utensil for each person

  • Optional: coloring or art supplies, such as markers, crayons, or colored pencils


  1. Read the story. After the final page ask:


What is the lesson from this book?

Extension Activity:

  1. Across the top of your paper, write: "I LOVE ME:"

  2. In the remaining paper, draw a huge 3x3 grid (by drawing two horizontal and two vertical lines, making your paper look like a giant tic-tac-toe board).

  3. Label the top of each of the individual nine squares on your paper with the following smaller titles, leaving plenty of room in each square for more writing/drawing below:

    1. When I'm quirky​

    2. When I make a mess

    3. When I trip and fall

    4. When I make friends

    5. When I take a chance

    6. When we are a we

    7. When I shine so bright

    8. When I learn and grow

    9. For all I've been through

  4. In the remaining space below the labels in each box, write a short description/sketch a picture of a time in your past or current life (no imagining your future here!) that fits the label. The following prompts may help guide you.

    1. When I'm quirky: What is something you like that other people may think is silly or weird?

    2. When I make a mess: What do you do that is physically messy (cooking, outside, arts/crafts)? Do you do anything that is figuratively messy, like going through rough drafts of writing, practicing a musical instrument, or practicing a new language?

    3. When I trip and fall: Have you ever gotten in a physical accident, received a poor grade on an assignment, made a blunder in your speech, broken a physical object, or not succeeded in an endeavor?

    4. When I make friends: When did you meet someone for the first time?

    5. When I take a chance: What was something scary for you to try (whether or not it ended up working out like you had hoped)?

    6. When we are a we: Who is a family member or friend who you enjoy being with? How do you spend time together?

    7. When I shine so bright: What impressive talents do you have or what exciting have you accomplished?

    8. When I learn and grow: What was something very difficult you learned? What are you currently learning or practicing?

    9. For all I've been through: What is the most challenging life experience you have gone through so far?

  5. When finished, share your completed boxes with a partner. Consider the following discussion questions.

Discussion Questions:

  • Is it easier for you to think of times when you tripped and fell or when you shine so bright? Do you spend more time thinking about times you fail or times you succeed?

  • Have you ever considered making messes as being important to love about yourself before? What is important to you about making messes?

  • Considering "for all I've been through", what in your life was the hardest experience so far for you? What did you learn from this experience? Did you change as a person or gain any skills?

  • Thinking of a time you took a chance, why was it important to love yourself while you took that chance? Does it matter whether you failed or succeeded as you were trying a new thing? Why or why not?