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Value: Self Control: Emotional Regulation

Time: 20 min

Appropriate Ages: 3+


  • Book: I Breathe by Susie Brooks, illustrated by Carly Johnson-Isaacs



  1. Read the story, pausing on all pages to practice the each new breathing exercise as it is introduced alongside an animal. (One example pictured below.)


After the final page, practice all the breathing exercises once more.



  • Why is it important to know lots of different ways to breathe?

  • When do you think you might want to try using a new way to breathe?

Extension Activity:

Practice a breathing technique on demand!


Verbally describe or act out the following scenarios and then practice a breathing exercise from the book that might match! (There is not one right answer for the breathing exercise they should use because there is not one right answer for the emotion they might be feeling in each situation. What make one child feel scared may make another feel sad, and another tired, etc.)

  • Sitting down to the dinner table and seeing a new food on your plate you did not want to eat

  • Someone at the playground doesn't let you play tag with them.

  • You played outside for a long time and now you are very tired.

  • Your family is about to take off on a long road trip to a new place.

  • You discovered a new park you have never been to before.

  • You have to talk in front of your whole class for school.