Value: Honesty

Time: 20 min

Appropriate Ages: 5-14


  • Book: I Am a Thief, by Abigail Rayner

  • Large paper for everyone

  • various art supplies of choice- crayons, markers, paint, colored pencils, etc.


  1. Read the story, stopping at the following pages in the story to ask these discussion questions:


How is she feeling right now? How do you know?

What do you think she wants to do now?


She just found out that everyone in her family stole something once. Do you think that means that everyone in her family is a thief? If you steal something once, does that mean you are a thief forever? Why or why not?

Now what is she going to do?

If she tells the truth and returns what she stole, will everyone treat her differently because they will all think she is a thief?


Looking at the pictures, what are some mistakes you can see that she has made?

What are some good decisions she has made?

Has she done anything that isn't really good or bad?

Do any of these things make her more or less special of a person? Why or why not?


What is the lesson of this story?

Extension Activity:

Using the following page spread as inspiration, have everyone use art supplies of their choice to make a collage drawing of things they do in their life:



Be sure to include:

  • Mistakes you have made

  • Major successes you have had

  • Hobbies you enjoy

  • Activities you spend a lot of time doing

Let everyone share their creations when finished.

Further Discussion Questions:

  • Everyone she knew had stolen something. Do you think everyone you know has made a mistake?

  • Are there good people who have made mistakes?

  • Are there bad people who have made good decisions?