Value: Integrity

Time: 20 minutes

Appropriate Ages: 


  • Book: Horton Hatches the Egg, by Dr. Seuss



  1. Read story. At the following points in the story, prompt with the following discussion questions:


Does never going back seem like a good idea for Maisey?

Will it make her happier?

Does it seem like a good idea for Horton?

Will it make him happier?

Do you think it's fair for her to change her mind and make this decision without telling Horton?


How do you think Horton feels?

Do you think it would be a good idea for him to change his mind and stop sitting on the nest so the animals would stop making fun of him?

What would happen if he did that?

Why is Horton willing to let people shoot him and die?

Why does he want to keep sitting there?


What was Horton's reward for being faithful and doing what he said he would do?

Why does the little bird look like Horton?

Do you think he is happier because he hatched the egg that looks like him, or would he have been happier leaving the tree earlier and letting the egg die so the other people would stop making fun of him?

2. Ask:

  • Have you ever said that you were going to do something, but then it ended up being hard and you didn't want to do it anymore?

  • Do you think it's good to change your mind?

  • When is it good to keep doing what you said you would do?

  • If you keep doing what you said you would do, what is the prize at the end?

    • (Remind them of Horton hatching the egg, and guide them to think about building trust as a reward.)​

  • Do you think it would be worth it to build trust?

3. Optional extension activities: Pretend that you are a parent and the child is your child. Pretend that the child told you they would feed the family dog for the next 3 days, and you trusted that they would. Then tell the child that on the next day when they knew they were supposed to feed the dog, they didn't really want to because they wanted to watch a movie with their friends and they didn't want to leave for a few minutes to give the dog some food. Act out what they might do in that situation.