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Value: Inclusion

Time: 20 min

Appropriate Ages: 3+ (small children love the animals, kids beginning middle school or clique-y communities would really benefit from the message)


  • Book: Can I Join Your Club? by John Kelly and Steph Laberis

  • Paper- 2 sheets of regular sized white paper for each participant

  • Art coloring supplies, such as colored pencils, crayons, markers, or paint.

Discussion Questions for Further Consideration:

Explore these questions together with your family, class, or book club after reading the book.

  • Why do you think Lion, Snake, and Elephant only wanted their same animal in their club with them?​

  • What happens when we only are around others who are just like us?

    • How does that affect our behavior?

    • How does it affect their behavior?

  • What happens when we try to be around others who are different than us?

    • How does it affect our behavior?​

    • How does it affect their behavior?

  • How did Duck feel to be excluded from other clubs?

    • Have you ever felt that way?​

    • How have you reacted?

  • Duck originally planned on creating a duck club, but then changed his mind to create "our club". Do you think his change was a good or bad decision? Why?

    • What might have happened if he had stuck with Duck Club?

  • Was it fair to let Lion, Snake, and Elephant join Our Club, even though they didn't let Duck join their clubs?

    • Why or why not?​

    • Do you think it was still a good decision to let them join, or not?

  • How did Duck feel when he let everyone join?

  • Have you ever been inclusive to someone who may have previously excluded you? 

    • What happened? ​

    • How did it feel to be inclusive?

Extension Activity Options:

Advertise for YOUR club!

Everyone participating will create their own two advertisements for two different clubs- one exclusive, and one inclusive! Each participant will need two regular sized sheets of paper for their two advertisement flyers.

On the first sheet of paper, design an advertisement for YOUR exclusive club, labeled _______(insert child's name here)'s Club. For example, "Tom's Club". On this paper, list the requirements for being in a club where only those who are exactly similar to the child are allowed. For example, "Tom's Club Requirements: tall, red hair, glasses, good at video games, hates soccer, boys ONLY". Use words or pictures to describe the silly (and impossible) requirements for the exclusive club.

On the second sheet of paper, design an advertisement for OUR inclusive club, labeled "Our Club". Using words or pictures, describe all the different characteristics that will be welcomed. For example, "Any hair style welcome"- accompanied with pictures of all colors of hair. Consider welcoming all skin tones, hobbies, talents, tastes in food, genders, ages, ethnicities, and abilities.