Value: Family Time

Time: 20 minutes

Appropriate Ages: 2-15


  • Book: Blackout, by John Rocco

  • Optional: flashlight/candles 



  1. Read story. At the following points in the story, prompt with the following discussion questions:

Reading Tip:

Because this book is mostly wordless, let your child fill in the gaps to help you "read" it where the text doesn't explicitly narrate.


Why don't they have time to spend together?

Have you ever felt like that in our family?


What do you notice everyone doing now?


Why are they enjoying now that they couldn't enjoy before?

Why are they still choosing to do this even though the electricity came back on?

Activity options- Choose one most appropriate for the age level:

Ages 2-8: 

1. Ask, "What do we usually like to do with electricity? What do we miss out on sometimes that doesn't take any electricity? Do you want to try it?"

2. Turn off the lights and use flashlights or candles to do a fun activity in the dark, such as playing a board game, telling stories, setting up a fort, eating snacks and playing I-spy, etc.

Ages 8-15:

1. Ask, "What do you always want to do together but it's hard because someone always seems busy with their phone, the computer, video games, etc? What do you wish we could do together that didn't take any electricity?" Ex: playing board games, playing sports outside, playing music or singing together, cooking dinner together, eating snacks and telling stories, chatting, painting nails, wrestling, etc.

2. Whatever they want to plan and do with you- do it!


Pro tip: You will connect with your children so much more if you show them you are willing to do what they are interested in, even if it does not seem interesting to you.